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Media Statement by Johor DAP Publicity Secretary and Senai State Assemblyman Wong Shu Qi on 9thSeptember 2017 (Saturday):

Party Quota System in affordable housing scheme must go!

It is almost an open secret that applicants of Johor state affordable housing schemes are forced to pay bribe in order to get a unit of their dream home.

Applicants have to go through middlemen who have close connection to Barisan Nasional (BN).

No matter how the Johor BN government euphemise or whitewash the whole setup, for example by calling it Kuota Menegak Kerajaan (KMK), it is ultimately abuse of power.

Early this year, a woman had lodged police report against an agent who allegedly collected money for “assisting” in application of Johor affordable housing. The agent, Umi Khalsom, later admitted in her Statutory Declaration that she has good connection with UMNO politicians. It is clearly a case of corruption and abuse of power. Unfortunately, police only investigated the case from the angle of cheating only.

Johor Pakatan Harapan leaders had submitted related documents to MACC in August 2017. Yet, all the UMNO leaders implicated in the case are still in denial. They pretend that nothing has happened and go about business as usual.

If the KMK system is indeed open and transparent, the state EXCO should answer in the state legislative assembly on the criteria of successful application of the Johor affordable housing. However, the EXCO refused to give an answer when State Assemblymen for Yong Peng and Penggaram both asked such question two years ago in the assembly. Why is it so difficult to answer such simple and straightforward question pertaining to this important issue? Or is the state government hiding something from the people and in this case the systemic abuse of power which has developed into an industry for rent-seeking middlemen to profit from poor applicants of state housing projects?

According to official statistics, since 2013, there are 119,696 applicants of affordable housing in Johor recorded. Out of these, only 9,773 applicants were successful in getting their dream home. In other words, approval rate is only 8%.

On the other hand, I was informed that 4,988 units of houses were distributed through the KMK system. In short, more than half the affordable housing applicants had to go through the party quota system to get their unit!

According to Umi Khalsom’s Statutory Declaration, she collected RM6,000 for every application. If this is the rate for all the applicants, we can conclude that the business is definitely a lucrative one amounting to about RM30 million for all the applications so far.

Khairil Malik, the Political Secretary to the Menteri Besar of Johor, who was among those named in Umi Khalsom’s Statutory Declaration, denied any involvement. MACC and the police cannot view this case lightly as it involved a very important sector, housing for the people and UMNO leaders of high office were implicated. The public deserve an answer.

But whatever it is, the KMK system must go. Government resources and public monies are not goodies to be distributed by political parties to gain votes, much less to make a profit. It should be abolished and Johor Pakatan Harapan will abolish this black box operation to make affordable housing application process an open and transparent system.


Wong Shu Qi

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Soalan-soalan lisan di Persidangan Dewan Negeri Johor

7 Sept 2017, Soalan B51

Sila nyatakan jumlah jam pemberhentian operasi serta faktor pencemaran yang menyebabkan gangguan operasi setiap looi rawatan air bagi tahun 2014,2015,2016 dan 2017 serta langkah-langkah untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut

Jawapan: Soalan tentang Alam Sekitar

24 April 2016, Soalan 10

Apakah rancangan kerajaan untuk memulih semula alam sekitar kawasan tadahan air yang dikelilingi aktiviti pertanian?

Jawapan: Soalan tentang Alam Sekitar (1)

14 Mei 2015, Soalan 24 

Sila nyatakan peraturan serta syarat-syarat yang perlu dipatuhi oleh pengusaha pirolisis (pyrolysis) minyak tayar terpakai agar kualiti alam sekitar tidak terjejas.

Jawapan: Soalan tentang Alam Sekitar (2) Soalan tentang Alam Sekitar (3)

10 Mei 2015, Soalan 15 

Sila nyatakan bilangan tayar terpakai di hasil setiap hari serta bilangan kilang pengusaha pirolisis (pyrolysis) minyak tayar terpakai menurut daerah serta kapasiti.

Jawapan: Soalan tentang Alam Sekitar (4)

20 November 2014, Soalan B95

Sila nyatakan bilangan kes kilang haram yang telah diselesaikan di bawah Program Pemulihan industri setiap tahun dari hingga 2008 hingga 2014 mengiikut pecahan PBT masing-masing.

Jawapan: Soalan tentang Alam Sekitar (5)

20 Ogos 2013, Soalan 29 

Sila nyatakan jumlah kilang kitar semula di seluruh negeri mengikut daerah serta syarat atau undang-undang yang perlu dipatuhi oleh kilang tersebut agar kualiti alam sekitar sekeliling tidak akan terjejas.

Jawapan: Soalan tentang Alam Sekitar (6)

11 November 2013, Soalan A68 

Selain daripada empat (4) stesen pengawasan kualiti udara sedia ada, sila senaraikan stesen-stesen akan ditubuhkan dalam daerah lain serta kos pembinaan stesen tersebut mengikut daerah?

Jawapan: Soalan tentang Alam Sekitar (7)

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Liang Teck Meng should resign as SPAN chairman since he cannot act professionally in handling water governance issue

The latest reply made by Liang Teck Meng in his capacity as Chairman of SPAN (National Water Service Commission) exposed how shallow and unprofessional he is when it comes to handling water governance issue.

Liang clearly abused his power when he rejected the request by the Penang state government to impose a water conservation surcharge for domestic user who used more than 35,000 litres a month to prevent water wastage.

Water conservation surcharge is a mechanism to control water wastage. As a responsible national water regulating body, surely SPAN must agree to such strategy. Yet, Liang preferred to play politics and act irresponsibly.

We must not forget that today, Penang has the lowest water rate in the whole of Malaysia, at RM0.22 per 1000 litres for the first 20,000 litres.

Compare this to Johor where SAJ (Syarikat Air Johor) owned by the Johor state government, charges RM0.80 per 1000 litres for the first 20,000 litres. In other words, Johor water rate is FOUR times higher than Penang.

Johor water rate is also the highest in Malaysia.

I think Liang Teck Meng should first reflect on the plight of Johoreans before he plays politics with the Penang state government:

Did Liang Teck Meng ask the Johor state government to seek permission and consult Johoreans whether we are “ok” to pay the most expensive water rate in the whole country?

In February this year, SAJ increased the amount of deposit required to be paid by consumers.

Did Liang Teck Meng ask Johor state government to seek permission and consult Johoreans whether we are “ok” with the deposit increase?

In June 2017, 150,000 consumers in Liang Teck Meng’s constituency, Simpang Renggam, faced water disruption for few weeks when water source was polluted by leachate from Simpang Renggam dumpsite.

Did Liang Teck Meng ask Johor state government to seek permission and consult Johoreans and his voters in Simpang Renggam if we are “ok” with drinking garbage water?

The answer is clear: No, no, no.

Liang Teck Meng is incompetent to solve water issues in Johor and the rest of Malaysia and yet he is trying to be a hero playing politics with the Penang state government which has been acknowledged as one of the best water management bodies in the country.

Liang is unfit to be SPAN Chairman because he is unprofessional, irresponsible, and incompetent. He should therefore resign or be terminated.


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With less senior leaders backing him, Najib depends on spin doctors

Many UMNO-BN leaders are staying away from Prime Minister Najib Razak. So, he has to depend on paid bloggers and spin doctors who are good at lying and spreading fake news. One such species is called “Lim Sian See” aka Eric See-To. It seems that people like Lim Sian See is running the government for scandal-ridden Najib. I wonder if UMNO grassroots knew this.

In the case of DAP elections of 2012 and the re-election of 2013, pro-UMNO bloggers first claimed that DAP did not use the original delegate list. Then, they claimed that we did not serve notice 10 weeks in advance. 

Not to be outdone, Lim Sian See posted today on why DAP should have a “fresh re-election”. He claimed that it was because the notice was not sent to delegates 10 weeks in advance before the re-election on September 29, 2013. This smart aleck who couldn’t differentiate between DAP’s ordinary congress and special congress thought he was very smart by citing a clause from the DAP constitution for the ordinary National Congress.

If he seriously has the brain, he would know that the September 29, 2013 re-election was a “special congress” just to have THE re-election! Hence, the notice needed only 7 days in advance to delegates. In fact we gave more than 21 days before the special congress. Oh, the liar can’t even lie properly.

So what’s with all the lies? Simple. Najib and his spin-doctor are trying very hard to stop DAP from contesting the coming general election. Why? Because Najib is not confident that UMNO-BN will win. He is scared to see DAP working together with PKR, Amanah, Bersatu, and of course Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

So, whether DAP sent out a 10-week notice or 3-week notice; whether DAP sent out notices to 2,576 delegates; Najib’s spin doctors will always create new lies. When they have no facts and truth to be based on, they will continue to lie.

Why did the spin doctors lie? Because they get paid handsomely; that’s what they are – nothing more than “pemakan dedak”.

So, don’t be surprised if the RoS might pick Lim Sian See’s latest line and lie to put further pressure on DAP. Just wait and see.

For us, with the people’s support, we will continue our best to fight for a better Malaysia.