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Media Statement by Johor DAP Publicity Secretary and Senai State Assemblyman Wong Shu Qi on 13th January 2017 (Friday):


The current toll war between Singapore and Malaysia will only create a toll wall between the two countries and cost more lives


It is very unfortunate that the Singapore of Transport Minister has officially admitted in parliament that the country will match the foreign vehicle’s road charge of Malaysia soon. With the announcement, the toll war between the two countries is escalating. I have warned of this in my previous statements since 2015. A toll war on both sides of the causeway essentially creates a toll wall alienating people, families and businesses in Johor and Singapore.


As such before the situation escalate and worsen, we desperately need greater political will from both governments to prevent this impending toll war.


First, Malaysian Transport Minister, Liow Tiong Lai should clarify if the road charge is equivalent to the Vehicle Entry Permit. If the road charge is actually the VEP, then it is very clear that Singapore government should not introduce an additional road charge as there is also a VEP system imposed by Singapore.


However, the RM20 road charge has been collected even before VEP system was implemented. This is probably the factor which triggered the latest toll war.


Although Liow Tiong Lai has always been left out in transport-related bilateral talks by UMNO government, I do not see why he cannot talk to his counterpart in Singapore to resolve this issue.


With our existing public transport infrastructure, I am pretty sure that the toll war/wall will lead us nowhere should the trend continues. Even if both Malaysia and Singapore governments want to encourage the use of public transport, the hike should be implemented after the Rapid Transit System is completed.


Yet, it is very clear that we are not adjusting the road charges based on the principle of reducing private vehicle use. It is merely a vicious circle of chauvinistic “you-hit-me-I-hit-you-back”. It does not reflect the ASEAN spirit of cooperation and much less the close affinity shared by Malaysia and Singapore as next door neighbours.


What is worse, this toll war/wall will adversely affect ordinary Malaysians and Singaporeans who travel across the causeway for work and other social and personal activities.


I have to remind both governments that an average of 8 lives are lost in a month due to the motorcycle accidents on the way to or back from Singapore. These are mostly Malaysians who commute daily to work and live between the two countries. There is a huge economic and social cost to both Malaysia and Singapore if transport policy along the causeway is not properly and amicably planned.


With the toll war threatening to escalate, and the shadow of the toll wall looming ever higher, we can foresee more lives affected, more road accidents and lower quality of life to people who need to travel daily between the two countries. I hereby urge both Transport Ministers to stop the toll war or be held responsible for the lives lost.



Wong Shu Qi

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卡立诺丁的预算案中,给淡小、华校的拨款堪称杯水车薪,给华小的硬体设施拨款竟然只有200万令吉,若不是在野党极力争取,恐怕都还没有拨款。相反的,槟城政府从2009年开始,每一年都拨款 850万给华小、国民型中学、独中以及教会学校,成立由行政议员章瑛领导的审核委员会,董总代表也位列其中,每年透明审核每一间学校的拨款申请,让最需要的学校得到应有的拨款,贯彻互助精神。 请问,卡立诺丁的拨款又是怎么拨的?靠交情关系还是依据需要?










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Media Statement by Johor DAP Publicity Secretary and Senai State Assemblyman Wong Shu Qi on 26th October 2016 (Wednesday):


It is now the time for government to review the privatisation of all government hospitals’ support services.


The second fire disaster within 48 hours in Hospital Sultanah Aminah has raised serious concern over government hospital maintenance issue. This is not only related to the wellbeing of all patients but also medical staff who work tirelessly in the hospital.


Since 1996, all government hospitals in Johor are serviced by one private medical support company, Medivest Sdn. Bhd, which received another 10 years concessionaire renewal in 2015.


While related agencies are now conducting investigation over the fire disasters, it is also timely for the federal government to come clean and reveal contracts between Health Ministry and all private concessionaires providing support services to hospitals.


In the 2017 Budget, the government allocated over RM2 billion for such support services, and additional RM78 million for a medical equipment concessionaire programme called Medical Equipment Enhancement Tenure (MEET).


As a matter of transparency and in view of the disasters which happened in Johor, Medivest should also make public their maintenance and risk assessment records of Hospital Sultanah Aminah.


Investigation must be swift and transparent. Reports must be made public for accountability. Remedial actions must be taken to prevent recurrence.


One life lost is tragic enough. The people of Johor and Malaysia are mourning this tragedy together.


But while we mourn, we also want answers and clarifications, not mainly to put blames on any parties but to ensure that such tragic incident will not happen again, especially in a hospital, a place where the most vulnerable go to seek remedy for their illness. Patients, family members and medical staff deserve a safe environment to receive treatment, take care of their loved ones and perform their duties professionally.


The selfless medical staff at Hospital Sultanah Aminah who risked their own lives to save their patients had touched the hearts of all Malaysians. They are our heroes, and it is now our responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for them from now onwards.


Wong Shu Qi

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