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Media Statement by Johor DAP Publicity Secretary and Senai State Assemblyperson Wong Shu Qi on 15th July 2016 (Friday):


Strong will needed to tackle the illegal dumpsite issue in Senai town


Since the implementation of waste segregation at source from June 1 onwards, the problem of illegal dumpsites in Senai town is not only unresolved but has worsened. Public attitude is only part of the problem. The authority should not always blame the people on illegal dumpsite if the existing policy on waste management has too many problems on its own.


After monitoring and surveying the area for a month, we conclude that there are a few factors contributing to the illegal dumpsite right at the entrance of Senai new village. These are, namely, insufficient rubbish bins for the shoplots, no rubbish bins for certain landlords, no signages or public awareness materials in foreign languages to reach out to the huge number of migrant workers residing in the area, and most importantly, the lack of enforcement by the authority.


A few shop owners in the area told us that they have not received a rubbish bin from SWM although they pay their assessment rate regularly. One shop owner has been travelling to SWM office just to get the green and grey coloured rubbish bin. He failed to get any from SWM without a valid reason given.


We can only conclude that there must be some communication breakdown between the local council and the waste management concessionaire. Otherwise, the local council will have to explain why some house owners and shop owners who pay their assessment rate annually did not even get a rubbish bin. All the ratepayers in the new village should be entitled to receive the basic cleansing services unless stated otherwise.


Secondly, it is obvious that the rubbish bins given to the four-storey shoplots are not sufficient as tenants occupy almost all upper units. While a household or business premise with four persons is entitled to receive a 120 litre rubbish bin, the four-storey shoplots definitely has more waste generated per day. As such, the current size of the rubbish bin issued to them is not able to cater to the needs.


Thirdly, Senai town area is no doubt a popular house-rental area for migrant workers due to its strategic location. With the large number of foreigners in town, the authority should engage the residents in the language they understand. Otherwise, the problem will not be solved.


Besides all these issues, the authority should take stern action against these irresponsible litterbugs. It is very obvious that garbage at the illegal dumpsite are usually caused by a small number of irresponsible litterbugs. After tackling all the above issues, the authority should maintain strict enforcement to ensure that the entrance of Senai new village is no longer an illegal dumpsite.



Wong Shu Qi

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Media Statement by Johor DAP Publicity Secretary and Senai State Assembywoman Wong Shu Qi on 13th June 2016 (Monday):


At least three break-ins within 24 hours in Kulai area shows the seriousness of crime.


Merely 12 hours after my office was broken into, another unit of in the same row as my office fell victim to similar crime. At the same time, a break-in was also reported in Kelapa Sawit.


There were at least three break-ins within 24 hours in the Kulai district. In addition, when I was at the police station to lodge report about my office, I met a woman who had just became victim of snatch theft the same day in Kulai as well.


All these crimes happened in Kulai within 12 to 24 hours. More shockingly, all happened in broad daylight. It is obvious that these criminals are issuing a challenge to the Kulai police force and all Kulai residents.


To ensure the safety of our lives and property, I urge all Kulai residents to stay vigilant and to cooperate with the police to fight crime.


Criminals will take advantage of the coming festive season to commit more crimes in this period. Moreover, economic downturn is making the situation worse. The rampant crimes are indicator of how bad the economy is today. Job creation and decent-paid jobs are the two most important issues that both federal and state government must try to look into.


On the other hand, we need to ensure law-breakers are arrested and dealt with by the law.




Wong Shu Qi

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