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Media Statement by DAP Senai Assemblywoman Wong Shu Qi on 29th April 2016 (Friday) at Sibu:


Adenan’s response on Free Bus proposal proves that Sarawak needs a stronger opposition to guide BN on policy and governance


If Adenan is an open-minded leader, he would be using the election campaign to encourage more in-depth policy discussion. It is obvious in his response yesterday that the BN coalition does not know how to have better governance. They are deprived of ideas and need guidance from stronger opposition in governance.


In Adenan’s first and second responses on the free bus initiative yesterday, he showed that the BN has no idea on how to improve the public transport system in Sarawak. Initially, he completely denied the possibility of improving Sarawak’s transport system. He even challenged the Penang and Selangor state-governments to implement free bus service before Sarawak, proving his ignorance.


24 hours later, Adenan overturned his first statement and accepted that the proposal should be implemented. This overturn shows that the Sarawak BN is ignorant about other good governance initiatives around the world. The government who has been in power for over half a century has lagged behind the opposition and other governments around the world. BN will only improve when the opposition warns and guides them on how to govern the country.


Adenan has so far taken more proposals from the opposition than establishing new ideas of his own. It is a very important for Sarawakians to select the right candidate in this election. Since the opposition party has more ideas than Adenan’s team, Sarawakians should vote for a strong opposition in the coming election to guide Adenan with his administration of governance.


It is an undeniable fact that Adenan will be the Chief Minister regardless of how the election result will be on May 7. However, he needs a stronger opposition to provide him with ideas and guidance. Moreover, he will follow the opposition party’s proposals in order to win the election.


To encourage the competition on good policy initiatives, we need to deny BN two-third majority. BN will only improve when they are being kept in check by the opposition party.



Wong Shu Qi