Media Statement by Senai Assemblywoman and Assistant Publicity Secretary of DAP Wanita, Wong Shu Qi on 18th June 2013 (Tuesday):


Hourly patrols at ATM locations to combat ATM theft is a good proposal only if Datuk Ayub Yaakob can ensure that patrols at other areas will not be reduced and public safety will not be compromised


Crime is currently the hottest and most critical issue affecting Malaysians on a daily basis. Hence, I am glad that the NKRA secretariat chairman, Datuk Ayub Yaakob has proposed a solution to combat the increase in ATM theft.


However, the proposal of hourly patrols at ATM locations is only a good one if he can ensure that police patrols at other areas will not be reduced or compromised.


It is unfortunate that the BN government never learns its lessons and often appear a few steps behind in battling crime, while criminals are constantly adapting their methods according to the latest security measures taken by the authorities.


Undeniably, it is important to increase patrols at crime hot spots but the NKRA secretariat and Home Affairs Ministry must acknowledge that it is just as important to increase patrols and police personnel specifically in Crime Investigation Department.


Police personnel moving around from one area to another will not resolve the problem as criminals are also on the move and changing their strategies all the time! Therefore, hot spots may not remain hot spots for long as criminals will always try to avoid being caught.


For instance, the police in Kulai district can only provide regular patrols at the Bandar Putra area — which has been identified as a hot spot — due to a shortage of manpower while residents in other housing areas keep complaining about the lack of police patrols in their area, thus they feel vulnerable.


To restore public confidence in the police force, the NKRA secretariat should at least disclose the number of police personnel involved in patrolling duties in every police district nationwide and increase the number of patrol personnel in more areas if necessary.


Wong Shu Qi