Media Statement by DAP Johore Policy Director and Senai State Assemmblyperson Wong Shu Qi on 6thFebruary 2014 (Thursday):


Johore State Government should immediately inform public of the water level at all dams and reservoirs following the water interruption at Layang-layang for more than 7 days.


Today marks the 8th day of the water supply interruption in Layang-layang area. Notably, this is the worst experience the local residents have ever had especially since most households are celebrating the Lunar New Year whereas water consumption is high.


Furthermore, there are more than 9 locations in Johore haven’t received any rainfall for more than 5 days according to Meteorological Department while the actual days could be longer than two weeks for certain areas.


Hence, the state government should inform public of the water level at all dams and reservoirs in case people need to prepare for water interruption in other areas after the case of Layang-layang.


This is not the first time for Kluang District residents to experience a Lunar New Year holiday without adequate water supply. The problem has been existing for several years and yet not comprehensively resolved.


Water is the essential element for life, and it should be the responsibility of state government to ensure adequate water supply provided to people. Clean water supply should be considered as basic human right since human can’t live without drinking water for about 3 to 5 days.


However, has our Johore State Government had ever thought about the seriousness of having water interruption for more than a week? I’m sorry to say that we have yet to see any respond or statements from the state government on the Layang-layang case apart from the elected representatives.


Johore is a state with abundant water resources and we are even facing flood every year. Not to forget that Johore is the state to provide raw water to our neighbour Singapore. Hence, it is absurd for our people to have water interruption without any proper reason given by the state government.


Despite of the excuses given by the SAJ on the Layang-layang water interruption, firstly the low water lever at Sembrong Dam then the water pressure of the pipe, state government should look into the details and make a public announcement whether Johore is facing a water supply problem in the dry season.




Wong Shu Qi