20140510-Wanita DAP Johor


Mother’s Day message by Johore DAP Wanita on 10th May 2014 (Saturday) at Johor Bahru:


DAP women fully committed in promoting “Manifesto Mama Bersih” which is endorsed by numerous candidates last year, and request that the government implements necessary policies to encourage women participation in the workforce.


“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” – William Ross Wallace.


No one can deny the importance of mothers in our society. Yet, we have not done enough to acknowledge the contribution of mothers to our society and nation.


On the day before mother’s day of 2014, Johore DAP women would like to stress again the necessity to implement several family-friendly labour policies to reduce the burden of mothers and also younger families.


Meanwhile, we would like to re-visit a manifesto we endorsed in the last general election, which was initiated by the NGO called “Mama Bersih”.


Not only the female endorsed the manifesto, but also our male candidates as well last year and some of them are elected representatives today. We acknowledge that the demands stated in the document are mostly valid after a year of election although we are not in power in both Johore and federal government.


Therefore, we are committed to consistently promote the rights and welfare that could shape a better nation, not just for the women but all Malaysians.


Likewise, we agree that several demands in the manifesto, for instance, nursery room at all workplaces and public space to allow mother breast-feeding their babies, flexible working hours for parents to take care of their new-born, paternity leave and etc. are very timely to be implemented.



Besides that, we advocate strongly for childcare centers at workplaces for young parents, especially urban families who may not belong to an extended family to help take care of their kids.


Federal government should provide incentives like tax exemption to all enterprises that establish childcare centers for their employees. Hence, mothers from younger families will have the chance to contribute again in our labour market instead of quitting their job after having kids as childcare expenses are skyrocketing and may not be fully afforded by her salary.


We appreciate Johore Barisan National state government’s effort to establish several childcare centers for female government servants at government buildings; however, the reality is the private sector should be taken care as well. Undoubtedly, it is the government’s responsibility to encourage the private sector to also set up childcare centers.


While we must stress that policy of childcare center is not only for women who have kids, it will eventually benefit all young Malaysian families. Hence, it should not be seen as a women policy but an important family policy or even economic policy while it will enable women to play more pro-active roles in our national economic development.




Teo Nie Ching (MP for Kulai)

Gan Peck Cheng (State Assemblyperson of Penggaram)

Chew Peck Choo (State Assemblyperson of Yong Peng)

Wong Shu Qi (State Assemblyperson of Senai)

Liow Cai Tung (State Assemblyperson of Johor Jaya)

Ng Siam Luang (Assistant Organising Secretary of DAP Wanita)

Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud (Political Secretary to DAP Parliamentary Leader)