My comment to the feedback of director of 513 film “Tanda Putera”, Shuhaimi Baba for the news Film producer calls Kit Siang ‘defensive’ over May 13 picture

“Defensive”? You uploaded a photo which was not even taken in 1969, but 1984, to accuse someone had urinated in public space and caused the May 13 tragedy, yet, you call the person “defensive” over your great mistake (if not purposely).

Do you know your misdeed would cost us more than what we lost in May13? It’s history, truth, facts. You will be seen as UMNO crony even if you have been a good director before as what you have been doing in handling this issue are obviously conspiring with UMNO cybertroopers!

Fellow Malaysians, know our history, the real history, not the twisted and spinning story written by United Malays National Organization (the so called Malay organisation but using English abbreviation, hypocrite).

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