Media Statement by Policy Director and Senai Assemblyperson Wong Shu Qi on 20th September 2014 (Saturday):


While Wee Ka Seong talks nonsense, it’s time for Abdul Wahid Omar to explain the toll war


The Malaysian government is sacrificing the entire cross-Causeway economy just to benefit MRCB from the expressway deal. It’s clearly a CIQ charge rather than an expressway toll charge since all the car users have to pay toll at CIQ regardless if they use EDL to enter CIQ.


Hence, Wee Ka Seong was merely talking nonsense at the dialogue with Chinese associations of Johor Bahru. He is not only confusing himself with toll charge and CIQ charge but also mislead the public to defend MRCB.


It’s time for Datuk Abdul Wahid Omar to explain to Malaysians what has been achieved or what would he try to achieve in Malaysian-Singaporean government bilateral meeting over the border charge issues.


We are currently left only 10 days to resolve the crisis or face severe damage especially to the local economy caused by both Malaysian and Singaporean government who mishandling the border charges issues.


Malaysian BN government’s decision to start collecting EDL charge at CIQ complex is now followed by Singaporean government to increase the Causeway toll charge effective from October 1. The toll hike competition will cost a round trip per car at about RM 33 just to cross the 1.7km Causeway.


No other persons but Datuk Abdul Wahid Omar, who is Minister in Prime Minister Department in charge of Economic Planning, should explain to public, what has been achieved or what would he try to achieve in bilateral meeting over the border charge issues.


Since Datuk Wahid Omar is leading the Malaysian delegates to negotiate with Singaporean counterparts, I hereby suggest Datuk Abdul Wahid Omar should at least inform the public on the ultimate goals the BN government wants to achieve.


Public has been kept in dark the past two months over the toll war that put local economy at stake. It’s time for Datuk Abdul Wahid Omar to meet rakyat from all walks of life in greater Johor Bahru and elected representatives who has the mandate to voice out for people on the issues.


We opposition representatives volunteer ourselves in assisting Datuk Abdul Wahid Omar to resolve the urgent demand for public transport and other issues triggered by the aggravated charges at CIQ.


There are at least 4 objectives that Datuk Abdul Wahid Omar should try to achieve in reducing burden of people over the border charge:


1. Instructing MRCB to provide RM 1million a month for free shuttle bus commuting between Johor Bahru CIQ complex and Woodlands Checkpoints immediately if government decided not to acquire back the EDL definitely.


2. Propose to Singaporean counterparts that both nations should open their side of Causeway for pedestrians. Walking across the 1.7km Causeway should be encouraged by both governments to reduce vehicles traffic on the bridge.


3. Monitor the double track project from Gemas to Johor Bahru to assure that it can be finished by 2015 and implement KTM Komuter system in greater Johor Bahru which will enhance the mobility within.


4. Both Malaysia and Singapore governments should re-initiate the talk over simplifying immigration process for daily commuters travel from JB to Singapore for work, reducing time resources that our labour force waste at immigration everyday for the wellbeing of people.



Wong Shu Qi